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Treat-Lite Cushion

The Treat-Lite Cushion by Dan Medica South is a simple, cost-effective cushion with four layers of microfilaments surrounded by air for users at high risk of skin break down. The Treat-Lite provides a user-friendly alternative to traditional air cushions, and without the need for pumps, electricity or maintenance. 100% machine washable.

Standard 16x16 to 20x18

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$431.25 (inc GST)

Treat-Lite Cushion - Features and Benefits


Skin Protection & Risk Level: High


The Treat-Lite Pressure Care Cushion is a 3" high cushion with four layers of air-filled microfilaments. This 'air' cushion comes without a pump, which means no adjustments, no maintenance and a long life. It has an exceptional level of airflow, which helps reduce heat build-up, making it ideal for wheelchairs and also for users at risk of pressure injury. The cover has a user-friendly zipper for those who struggle with dexterity.

This cushion has been pressure tested to achieve between 55/60mmHg, competing with some of the more expensive cushions on the market. This cushion is lightweight and has exceptional air-flow which prevents heat build up and is also antibacterial and antifungal.



Available in 16x16, 16x18, 18x18 and 20x18.  Can be used either way so 16x18 can be used as 18x16 etc


• Four layers of air-filled microfilaments

• Cross checked weave provides unsurpassable strength unlike any other mesh fibre on the market

• Inner layers can be removed if depth is not required

Care Instructions:

• No adjustments or maintenance required

• Machine washable in temperatures up to 40˚C


Product weight:


Weight limit:




76.2mm / 3"


2 years


Product code:

TLite#### (width x depth)

E.g. Treat-Lite 16x16 = TLite1616


Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download.

  • Standard available in 16x16, 16x18, 18x16, 18x18, 20x18