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CLEARANCE! nxt BioFit Cushion


Includes cushion with internal cover and outer cover. Limited sizes avaliable.

The BioFit cushion from Dynamic Health Care Solutions nxt Seating Series is a multi-layered contoured cushion made from the latest Visco Gel Foam technology. Features Selectively Perforated Softening Technology (SPS) and is ideal for users at moderate to high risk of skin break down.

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How we measure our cushions

nxt BioFit Cushion - Features and Benefits



Skin Protection & Risk Level: Moderate to High


The nxt BioFit cushion is a multi-layer contoured cushion utilizing the latest in Visco Gel foam technology. The Visco elastic gel beads act to reduce heat build critical to minimize skin integrity issues. The BioFit multi-layer design provides deep immersion and support for skin protection by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface of the cushion.

The BioFit is designed for comfort and positioning for users who are at moderate to high risk of skin break down. The contoured base with its SPS (Selective Perforated Softening) technology is optimally shaped to evenly distribute pressure under the pelvis, and not placing undue strain to the tissue in the pelvic, thigh and hip area.


SPS Tech:

• The patented SPS (Selective Perforated Softening) technology is used to reduce resistance in the Ischial well area

• Provides immersion and lower pressures to the bony prominences while supporting surrounding areas that can take a higher load

• Consistent hole spacing under IT’s and sacrum, with wider spacing in trochanteric region for increased resistance and support

• The SPS reduces friction and sheer with its dynamic nature and lower resistance

• Results in lower peak pressures and lower mean pressures

• Allows for greater air flow and lower temperatures

Top layer:

New Blue Visco Gel foam reduces heat build critical to minimize skin integrity issues

Soft density for comfort and immersion

• Made with antibacterial properties

Middle layer:

Medium density Visco foam provides improved support, positioning and immersion

Bottom layer:

HR contour cut foam for support, stability and durability

• Pre-ischial support prevents sliding and provides pelvic support

• Moderate abductor/adductor contour for mid-line positioning of the femurs

• Radius cut at the rear for sacral support and to match contour of modular back supports

• Beveled front edge for foot propellers or users who want to sit with a tight front frame angle or who have tight ham strings

• Anatomically shaped SPS (Selectively Perforated Softening) that are anatomically positioned to support the Ischial/sacral area to prevent sliding and shear and maintain pelvic positioning


Outer cover:

• Air mesh cover for comfort and low temperatures

• Metallic black mesh front for air exchange and style

• TuffTex sides for durability and protection

• Textured non skid bottom with loop Velcro & carry strap

Inner cover:

• Fluid proof and breathable

• Multi-directional stretch fabric for immersion

• Wipes clean between washes

• Zipper for foam access and protection

About nxt Seating Series:

The nxt seating Series Cushions are designed with a compressions cut base that is adapted with different materials to meet the needs of different client groups. The contours of the cushions are designed to provide support to viable tissue and redistribute pressure away from the bony prominences of the IT’s coccyx and sacrum. The nxt cushions are designed to protect skin and maximize mobility, activity and function.

Weight limit:

Paediatric (12x12) 80kgs / 176lbs

Paediatric (14x14 & 14x16) 100kgs / 220lbs

Standard/Bariatric 136kgs / 300lbs

Height (adductor):

108mm / 4.25"

Height (abductor):

95mm / 3.75"

Height (leg trough):

82mm / 3.25"

Sizes available:

10 x 10 (1)

12 x 12 (1)

14 x 16 (1)

16 x 20 (2)

20 x 16 (1)

20 x 18 (1)

20 x 20 (1)

Please note that the cushion depth is taken from the side of the cushion due to the radius cut at the back of the cushion to account for upholstery or back supports.

Product code:

NXCABF#### (width x depth)

Eg, BioFit 16x18 = NXCABF1618

Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download