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Side Lying Leg Support

The Side Lying Leg Support by Simple Stuff Works was designed to protect the hips and pelvis when a person is lying on their side. The leg channel creates a perfect place for the top leg to lie and the bottom leg wraps gently around the outside, maintaining the hips in as neutral position as possible. Available in two sizes.


Side Lying Leg Support - Features and Benefits



From the double award winning creators of the Supine Stabiliser, comes the Side Lying Leg Support by Simple Stuff Works. Many people adopt a position in lying half on their back and half on their side - this distributes the weight of the body across the ilium so that the pelvis rests at approximately 30°-45° in relation to the horizontal.

In order to maintain the hips in as neutral position as possible the top leg needs to be supported. The Side Lying leg support has been designed for optimal positioning for the hips in this position. Both legs are supported and excess knee contraction is prevented through the gentle shape of the support. It can be used for either left or right side lying. When combined with  support along the person’s back, a supportive, side lying position can be achieved. This is ideal for individuals who need to lie on their side for safety reasons.



• Size 2 - 600mm length x 400mm depth with a leg groove of 120mm at widest point and 80mm at narrowest

• Size 3 - 600mm length x 400mm depth with a  leg groove of 140mm at widest point and 100mm at narrowest



Instructions for use:

• The Side Lying Leg Support should only be used when a person is lying on their side

• It is designed to help support the individual on their side and so the weight of the body is distributed across the ilium in order to maintain the hips in as neutral position as possible whilst the top leg is being supported

• Get the person onto their side, either their left or right

• Then place the side lying support behind the bottom leg, so that the front curve of the support follows the curve of the leg

• Then place the top leg into the gully channel

What is postural care?

Postural care is a gentle form of physical therapy used to protect body shape. People who find it hard to move, at any age and for any reason, often spend long periods of time in one position. Over time, this position can become obligatory and lead to changes in their body shape which can cause secondary complications. Respiratory and digestive difficulties can become common, as well as musculoskeletal problems.

The Simple Stuff Works Positioning System is designed to be as comfortable, hygienic and safe to use as possible whilst helping individuals to maintain a position that reduces the risk of body shape distortion. All pieces can be mixed and matched to find the perfect solution for every individual.

Product code:

SS SL  #

Eg, Side Lying Leg Support Size 3 = SS SL3

Full dimensions and sizing information available under download

Simple Stuff Works products are exclusive to C1 South in New Zealand

  • Available in Size 1, Size 2, Size 3