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Sixth Digit Ring Stylus

The Sixth Digit is a stylus ring that sits on your pinky finger and can be used to pushed buttons on many objects with ease. Designed for those with limited hand function to provide the required precision for typing, using touchscreens, and pressing buttons without needing to grasp a stylus pen or point a finger. Sold as a pair.

$46.00 (inc GST)

Sixth Digit - Features and Benefits


• Ideal for quadriplegics and those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis etc.

• Allows one ‘finger’ (Sixth Digit) to protrude further to press keys, which is particularly beneficial for those with curled fingers than can get it in the way

• Replaceable stylus tips provides high responsiveness for touchscreens

• The stem provides the necessary rigidity and extension for typing and pressing physical buttons

Sixth Digits are so unobtrusive that you can even wear them while pushing your manual wheelchair



One size fits all - expandable ring


Colour options:




Examples of Use:



Household appliances

ATM / Eftpos machines

Remote controls

Pin Pads



Each set includes:

Two Sixth Digits (one for each hand)

Two spare tips

Storage bag

Smart Gadgets

  • Colours available in Gold or Silver