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Stimulite Lumbar Support

The Stimulite Lumbar Support by Supracor provides firm support, conforming comfortably to the natural curve of the body whilst being seated to improve posture and relieve pressure. The unique perforated honeycomb circulates air and evaporates moisture keeping the body cool and dry. Features a removable, adjustable strap. Measures 15x11.

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Stimulite Lumbar Support - Features and Benefits

Whether you are sitting in an office chair, car seat or wheelchair, this all-purpose, sleek and breathable lumbar cushion will help to improve posture and relieve pressure. Simple to use and easily adjusted making it ideal for travel. Machine washable and dryer safe.

Instructions for use:

• Office chair / car seat - wrap the strap around the back of the seat to secure the support

For some car seats, you may wish to remove the strap and position it each time you use the support

Wheelchair - loop the strap around each push handle to keep the support from sliding down when the chair is folded

Can be used in conjunction with the Stimulite Car Seat or Stimulite Tension Adjustable Back

Care instructions:

• Remove the strap and buckle prior to washing the lumbar support

Machine or hand wash with cold water and a tablespoon of mild detergent

• Do not use chlorine bleach or any harsh chemicals

• Air dry or use coolest dryer setting

About Stimulite:

Made from a flexible medical grade material that is fusion bonded and has the appearance of honeycomb cells

Non-toxic, eco-friendly, recyclable and safe for the body

Consists of alternating thick and thin walled cells which flex when compressed to relieve pressure and stimulate capillary action, bringing more blood to tissue for healthier skin

Each honeycomb cell is perforated to allow air to flow both vertically and horizontally, keeping the body temperature from rising and preventing humidity

Naturally antibacterial, antifungal and allergen free

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Supracor products are exclusive to C1 South in New Zealand