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Nxt Kids Contour Back

The Kids Contour Back nxt Seating Series is a height adjustable paediatric back support. Features a subtle 1" (2.54cm) contour, and grows with the child by increasing in height to accommodate growing bodies, without sacrificing pelvic support




Kids Contour Back - Features and Benefits


Designed specifically for children. It has a low profile contour and the heioght adjusts as the child grows.


What's Included:

  • Two-piece lightweight aluminum shell (height adjustable)
  • Dual density foam back cushion
  • Breathable stretch fabric cover

    Pediatric Lateral Supports for NXT Kids Contour Back

  • Installation hardware - QuickFit Mounting System


  • The height can be easily and steplessly adjusted with infinite heights between 8" and 12.5"' (varies):
      • 10" model: 8-10.5" / 20-27cm
      • 12" model: 9-11.5" / 23-29cm
      • 14" model: 10-12.5" / 25-32cm
  • Headrests with hardware also available
  • Outer cover made from breathable, moisture resistant washable spacer fabric with 'Silverplus' antimicrobial protection
  • Optional swing away, contoured or fixed positioning lateral supports available

Laterals for NXT Kids Contour Back


  • Quickfit Mounting Hardware - quick and easy to adjust while client is in the chair
  • 50 degrees of angle adjustment
  • 5” of depth adjustment: 2.5” in front and 2.5” behind back canes.
  • Fits metric and imperial tubing including, 1" (2.5cm), 7/8" (2.2cm) or 3/4" (1.9cm) back canes without shims
  • Clamps open wide for installation/removal without taking them apart.
  • Quickfit Multi-clamp allows clamp to be installed where a smaller tube is inserted into a larger tube, ie. 3/4" (1.9cm) inside 1" (2.5cm)
  • Fits 3 widths of chair by adjusting the mounting pins
  • Provides rotation adjustment for pelvic or trunk rotation.
  • One hand quick release for easy removal to fold chair or transport.

Weight limit:

136kg / 300lbs

Product weight:

  • 10" complete: 1.5kg
  • 12" complete: 1.6kg
  • 14" complete: 1.8kg


Product code:





Also in nxt Seating Series:

  • HA Active Contour Back (3" contour)
  • HA Support Contour Back (5" contour)
  • HA Plus Contour Back (7" contour)

  • Available in 10", 12", 14"