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Nxt Optima Plus Contour Back

The Optima Plus Contour (OPC) Back from Dynamic Health Care Solutions Nxt Optima Series is a fixed height back support with a depth adjustable 5.5-7" (14-18cm) deep pelvic contour for optimal midline comfort and support.

**DISCONTINUED: This range only has limited sizes available. Please contact us regarding sizing.**


Optima Plus Contour Back - Features and Benefits

The Optima Plus Contour (OPC) Back is ideal for users who need mid to upper thoracic or in-scapula support and posterior lateral support. Please note that the OPC Back will eventually replace the Nxt Support Contour Back and the Nxt Plus Contour Back which are now discontinued models. The depth adjustable contours of the new OPC is able to offer all the features and benefits of the old models. We will continue to send out the original nxt models until stock is no longer available, unless otherwise requested.


The nxt Seating Series provides a range of back support models, shapes and contours to provide posterior, posterior lateral and posterior deep lateral support. The OPC full body shape is designed to provide excellent support and comfort while enhancing the users natural range of motion. For optimal positioning of the pelvis, pelvic-lumbar support pads can be uniquely positioned to customise the fit for the user. The wide range of sizes and contours provides exceptional choice for support and comfort.


Outer cover:

Breathable, moisture resistant washable spacer fabric with antimicrobial protection



  • Full back support shape
  • Lightweight aluminium shell
  • Adjustable depth lateral contours
  • Pelvic cut out for optimal pelvic positioning
  • Optional thoracic trunk supports
  • Pre-stamped for head supports, belts and harnesses


Optima Series - Key Differences:

  • The Optima Series is basically any nxt back that has the new sliding hook mount hardware
  • Lighter and better looking
  • Injection moulded parts, with lock nuts
  • Lighter, smaller mounting hardware with the same amount of adjustment
  • Sliding mounts for width and height adjustment without the need for pin extensions
  • Adjustable one hand release
  • Specifically designed Velcro clips, so the Velcro does not fall off
  • Laser cut nxt logo in the shell. No more decals falling off



  • Quickfit Mounting Hardware - quick and easy to adjust while client is in the chair
  • 50 degrees of angle adjustment
  • 5” of depth adjustment: 2.5” in front and 2.5” behind back canes.
  • Fits metric and imperial tubing including, 1"-2.5cm, 7/8"-2.2cm or 3/4"-1.9cm back canes without shims
  • Clamps open wide for installation/removal without taking them apart.
  • Quickfit Multi-clamp allows clamp to be installed where a smaller tube is inserted into a larger tube, ie. 3/4" (1.9cm) inside 1" (2.5cm)
  • Fits 3 widths of chair by adjusting the mounting pins (ie. 16" back fits 16", 17" & 18" chairs)
  • Provides rotation adjustment for pelvic or trunk rotation.
  • One hand quick release for easy removal to fold chair or transport.


Weight Limit:

  • 136kg / 300lbs (16-20" wide)
  • 182kg / 400lbs (22” wide)



  • 300mm / 12" (short)
  • 400mm / 16" (regular)
  • 500mm / 20" (tall)


Product weight:

1.9kg (based on a complete 16x16) 


Product code:

NPCB#### - OPC (width x depth)


Eg, Optima Plus Contour Back 16x20 = NPCB1620 - OPC


Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download

  • Available in (width x height) 16x12, 16x16, 16x20, 18x12, 18x16, 18x20, 20x16, 20x20
  • nxt Optima Series
    Published by Dynamic Health Care Solutions. Please note that not all products in this brochure are available.