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Stimulite Mattress Overlay

The Stimulite Mattress Overlay (single bed size) by Supracor is made from the specially engineered Stimulite Honeycomb and is designed to provide instant comfort and breathability when placed over a conventional mattress. Includes a soft luxurious cover made from organic cotton which can be removed for washing. The overlay and cover are both washable.

$2,012.50 (inc GST)


Imagine thousands of honeycomb cells surrounding and supporting the body and flexing with movement to stimulate blood flow and enhance circulation. The perforations in the cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture keeping you cool and comfortable. Single bed size - alternatively, we can custom make a special cover to fit a double or queen with the single overlay on one side.

About Stimulite:

• Made from a soft, flexible medical grade material that is fusion bonded and has the appearance of honeycomb cells

• Consists of alternating thick and thin walled cells which flex when compressed to relieve pressure and stimulate capillary action, bringing more blood to the tissue for healthier skin

• Each honeycomb cell is perforated allowing air to flow both vertically and horizontally, keeping the body temperature from rising and preventing humidity

• Naturally antibacterial, antifungal and allergen free

• Non-toxic, eco-friendly and recyclable



76cm x 185cm x 2.5cm

30" x 73" x 1"

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Supracor products are exclusive to C1 South in New Zealand