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AH Small Item Gripping Aid

The Small Item gripping aid is a new and exciting gripping aid from Active Hands. This aid allows you to hold small diameter items such as make-up, bathroom, art and office products. Each sold separately.

Small and Standard/Large sizing

Left or Right

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Small Item Gripping Aid - Features and Benefits

The Small Item Gripping Aid is a new and exciting gripping aid from Active Hands. This aid allows you to hold small diameter items such as make-up, bathroom, art and office products.

A two-part system, consisting of a neoprene glove and a velcro-on palm pad, allows you to swap between palm pads quickly. The Small Item Gripping Aid comes with one glove component and two palm pads. Additional palm pads are available as extras. Why not have a set in the bathroom with razor, toothbrush and hairbrush? Or a set for you make-up brushes? Or load up different brushes ready for painting?

The glove is made from comfortable neoprene, which fits around the hand and wrist and is secured using two Velcro straps. As with all Active Hands products, the straps can be tightened using plastic rings, even with little or no finger strength. The palm pad is a velcro-backed square with a plastic clamp attached. This clamp is used to hold them item in place and is closed by pulling two ribbon loops. The palm pad then velcros to the glove and you are ready to go.

Examples of use:

Unlike other products on the market, this gripping aid is unique in that it allows you to hold items at any angle you want. Want to paint on an easel? Apply mascara? Play the drums? Position the palm pad at the perfect angle to do any of these things.

About Active Hands:

Active Hands became an award winning product in 2011 after receiving the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur Award (UK). The gripping aids were created by wheelchair user Rob Smith who experienced a high-level spinal cord injury that caused partial paralysis in all four limbs. Rob was frustrated by the limitations caused by his poor hand function and the lack of suitable equipment available to help him, so designed a range of aids to help people lead more independent lives.


• Available in two sizes: Small and Standard/Large, and in left or right options (each sold separately)

• The small item aid does not need to fit as tightly as our other gripping aids. If you are borderline on the wrist size then consider your hand size across the knuckles: If it is greater than 18cm you may want to consider the Standard size.

Small gripping aids are for adults with especially petite hands and children aged over five

• We recommend using the Size Guide under Download for full measurements


Instructions for use:

A video demonstration can be viewed above, although full instructions are included with each purchase, and are also available under Download

If you are unsure whether this gripping aid is suitable for you, please speak to your therapist or medical practitioner before use. Alternatively, we have an onsite therapist you can speak to if required. Full precautions for this product are also available under Download

Product code:

AH9##/# (size / left or right)

Eg, Standard Left Small Item Gripping Aid = AH9St/L

Eg, Small Right Small Item Gripping Aid = AH9Sm/R

Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download


Active Hands are exclusive to C1 South in New Zealand

  • Available in Small Left, Small Right, Standard Left, Standard Right