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GlideWear Cushion Cover

The GlideWear Seating Interface cushion cover slips over most wheelchair cushions and features dual-layer fabric technology that slides against itself for extra protection from friction and shear. Available in 3 sizes to fit most cushions 14x14 to 20x20.

$327.75 (inc GST)

GlideWear Cushion Cover - Features and Benefits


• Shear Reduction Zone: Dual-layer fabric technology designed to slide against itself, absorbing friction and shear forces under the bony prominences of your pelvis. Increases the margin of safety where skin is most susceptible to breakdown.

 Positioning and Stabilisation: Friction is retained in the areas surrounding the ‘Shear Reduction Zone’ with a unique design within the interface to help maintain proper positioning and stability while sitting.

 Versatile: Designed to easily wrap around most wheelchair cushions.

 Breathable: Lightweight, breathable fabric helps reduce moisture build-up to preserve skin integrity.

 Construction: 85% Nylon. 15% Spandex. 100% Polyester Thread.


Small 14x14 to 16x16

Medium 16x16 to 18x18

Large 18x18 to 20x20

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  • Available in Small, Medium and Large (14x14 to 20x20)