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Our Rigidisers are made from a strong, durable yet lightweight ABS plastic and are designed to be placed at the base of a wheelchair cushion (inside the cover). A Rigidiser will help decrease any hammocking effect of slung upholstery and provide a firm, stable support base. Features a slim 6mm profile and are available in any size.


Cushion Rigidisers are available for any cushion size or type - all you have to do is provide the cushion size. Our Rigidisers are purposely designed with slightly smaller dimensions so that they can fit inside the wheelchair seat rail to minimise hammocking of the Rigidiser itself over time. You will be supplied with a Rigidiser that is  2" smaller than the width and 1" smaller than the depth of the actual cushion size (eg, a 16x18 cushion would require a 14x17 rigidiser or a 20x20 cushion would require a 18x19 rigidiser/rigidizer).

Product code:

Rigidiser ##### (width x depth)

Eg, Rigidiser 16x18 = Rigidiser 1618

  • Available in any cushion size