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The Receive-All: A versatile gripping solution that can help you accomplish new tasks otherwise not possible or help reduce pain and fatigue.


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The Receive-All consists of an arm brace which fits around your forearm with two velcro straps, each with a D-ring so you can simply slide your finger through and pull to secure.  The items you wish to grip are secured to an adapter using cable ties.  To hold the item, simply put on the arm brace and connect the adapter by hooking it onto the rear of the arm brace and secure using a lever mechanism at the front.

Simply attach an adapter to the item you wish to hold; sports equipment, DIY tools, gardening and many other tools around the home. That item can now be attatched to the Arm Brace that is secured to your forearm and hand, giving you control of that item. Only one arm brace is needed to be able to use and unlimited number of items. Items can be left in the Adapters and ready for use.

The design of the Receive-All means that items can be pre-fitted with an adapter.  You can then wear the arm brace and switch between items quickly and easily.

Typical uses of the Receive-All

  • DIY –  screwdrivers, paintbrushes
  • Gardening – trowels, cultivators
  • Kitchen – knives, spatulas, ladles, wooden spoons etc
  • Fishing – fishing rods, nets
  • Sports equipment – table tennis bats, softball bats, badminton racquets etc

Each Receive-All Kit contains

  • 1 arm brace
  • 2 adapters and cable ties
  • 1 neoprene pad for additional comfort

The kits can be used as left or right-handed and additional adapters are sold in packs of two.


Arm Brace only available in one size but the straps fit a wide range of hand and arm sizes. The cradle of the Arm Brace can also be sqeezed or expanded to help it conform to your arm. In addition, we include a piece of neoprene-foam tape for the forearm cradle of the Arm Brace, for those who have smaller arms. The neoprene is also great for anybody who wants a little added comfort.

Receive-All will work on either hand - The only difference between left-handed and right-handed is the direction the straps go over the hand and forearm, and the side the locking bar pivots from.

The direction of the locking bar pivots can be changed - the locking bar is held in place by a set screw, and it can be removed and placed in the other threaded hole to make it pivot in the opposite direction.


The locking bar can be operated with limited hand dexterity. The end of the locking bar extends past the Arm Brace enough so you can use the heel of your wrist, making it possible for someone with poor dexterity to operate the locking bar.  In addition, there is a hole on the free end of the locking bar that can be used for adding a loop or ring, or a combination of both.

Anybody with the following conditions can benefit from using the Receive-All: paralysis (quadriplegia or tetraplegia), arthritis, stroke, muscular distrophy, multiple sclerosis, or any other condition that may limit the use of one's hands.