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Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair

The Mobi-Chair by DMS is a high quality, floating beach wheelchair that provides beach and water access to people with a disability or limited mobility. The large armrests act as floatation devices as the chair enters the water providing the user with comfort, safety and stability. Features lightweight quick-release components for easy transport and assembly.


Mobi-Chair - Features and Benefits

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The Mobi-Chair® is the world's most popular amphibious rolling beach chair. It provides seamless transitions. From the car park to the beach. From the beach into the ocean.


This great Beach Wheelchair is a must have for all wheelchair users!


The Mobi-Chair® is the only floating beach wheelchair Australian standards tested and approved under the requirements of AS/NZS.


Download your copy of the lab testing certificate can be downloaded here


As Mobi-Chair® enters the water, the large armrests become stable floatation devices, offering an unparalleled in-water experience compared to standard beach chairs that will leave you at the tideline.


Designed with everyone in mind, Mobi-Chair® is suitable for wheelchair users, people with special needs and children. Whether you’re at the beach, on grass, snow, or gravel all users will benefit from the convenience, portability and comfort of this awesome looking chair.

The Mobi-Chair features inflated pneumatic tires, buoyant PVC armrests and an adjustable reclining seat to provide a balanced and stable flotation base. Constructed from marine-grade aluminum frame with non-corrosive stainless steel hardware for durability. The comfortable, quick-drying fabric upholstery is hypoallergenic, UV- and water-resistant, and the high-visibility wheels and armrests are perfect for the beach. As fun as it is functional, the Mobi-Chair delivers safety and stability over the sand and surf. It works great in the swimming pool, too!



• Fabric is non-allergenic, water and UV resistant

• Stable and well balanced

• Rubber pneumatic tyres absorb shock and discomfort

• Easy to push across soft or hard sand

• 3 different seat adjustments

• Folds flat for easy storage (no tools required)

• Waterproof back pocket

• Seatbelt for added safety

• Can be used with a tethered rope for added safety


Key Points:

•  Comfortable and safe - Enjoy the comfort of the Mobi-Chair! The wheelchair provides users with long-lasting comfort so they can relax, recline and enjoy the outdoors!

• Seat to floor height - Finding a beach chair thats easy to transfer in and out of can be a challenge. The MobiChair has a seat height of 19" which is similar to most wheelchair seat heights to help make a seamless transfer

• Durable - The Mobi-Chair front fork, manufacturer of stainless steel, and aluminum frame are designed to absorb the shocks of rough terrain while withstanding the weight of the user for repeated use. The wider backrest is made from UV and water resistant fabric and is designed to provide superior comfort while sunbathing and floating

• Provides floatability - With the floatable armrests and tyres, Mobi-Chair easily transports the user from the beach to the water

• Assembly - Assembling the Mobi Chair takes minutes and there are no tools required

• Backrest Recline - Mobi-Chair offers backrest recline adjustment set to 3 different positions, making it ideal for users with limited in trunk control



Seat - 18" wide x 17" deep x 19" high

• Product - 60" long x 42" wide x 50" deep

• Product weight - 30kg

• Front castor 12" x 6.5" - rubber pneumatic

• Real wheel 16" x 7.5"  - rubber pneumatic

Weight limit: