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Mobi-Mat Beach Access Matting

The Mobi-Mat by DMS is a portable and removable rollout beach access mat designed to make the beach and other terrain accessible for wheelchair users and pedestrians. The Mobi-Mat is made from 100% recycled materials and is highly durable providing a firm, safe, cool and stable surface for users. 1.53m wide and sold in interconnecting 10 metre lengths.

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Mobi-Mat - Features and Benefits

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• Leading international brand of beach matting

Firm, safe, cool and stable for all wheelchairs, beach chairs e.g. Mobi-Chair, mobility scooters, prams and ATVs

Lab tested, long lasting and made from 100% recycled PET bottles

Self-maintaining design, remains on top of the sand at all times

Wheels wont get stuck as they do when turning on slat based products

Can be installed as a temporary or permanent pathway

Pathway is wide enough for a wheelchair and a pedestrian (side by side)

Super thin, highly engineered design for easy storage

Serviceable design and life expectancy of 10+ years

Roll-out mechanism to be available (details to come)


1.53m wide x 10m long

Sold in 10m increments that can be interconnected