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Shear Comfort Mattress Overlay

The Shear Comfort Overlay by Healthcare Innovations Australia is a medical grade sheepskin overlay designed to alleviate pressure and discomfort caused by high pressure between the skin and the mattress. It provides microclimate control, improved sleep quality and pressure care to relieve the skin and joints for a more comfortable sleep. Available in single or queen. White only.


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Shear Comfort Mattress Overlay - Features and Benefits


Shear Comfort XD1900:


Shear Comfort provides comfort, aids restful sleep and provides protection from skin breakdown. This is because they utilise the natural properties of wool; distributing pressure, dissipating heat and water vapour, reducing friction and shear forces making it a good skin interface. They are also easy to wash and maintain.


Shear Comfort products incorporate Australian Medical Sheepskins, and Shear Comfort XD1900, an innovative and advanced woven wool product that boasts a density of 1900gsm along with 30mm of pile compared to most other woven wool products that only range from 300-500gsm. XD1900 is woven fabric-backed medical sheep’s wool with a fibre density higher than even the very best natural sheepskins – which gives it superior pressure redistribution properties and improved comfort.


Shear Comfort can help with discomfort in bed that is caused by high pressure between the skin and the mattress. Persons of all ages, weights and mobilities can be affected by pressure, whether it is just causing discomfort and sleeplessness or more serious problems such as pressure ulcers. Persons with low body fat, delicate skin or restricted mobility are likely to be affected by high pressure whilst in bed, although anybody can be affected, particularly if they are recuperating from illness or injury.

Tell-tale signs of high pressure from your mattress are:

Painful parts of the body upon waking, particularly near the bony prominences such as the knees, heels and hips

Redness of the skin where it has been touching the bed

Bruising, commonly on the side of the hips or the outside of the knees/ankles


Is your mattress putting you under pressure?

Firm mattresses provide excellent musculoskeletal support. However, the skin can sometimes feel squashed or even become bruised on such a hard surface, particularly under high pressure points such as the hips and knees. A sheepskin mattress overlay can act as a cushion between the skin and the mattress, without reducing the supportive properties of the mattress.


Temperature Regulation Issues

Some individuals find it hard to regulate their body temperature in bed, and as a result are prone to sweating or feeling cold during the night. Medical Sheepskin has been proven to increase heat transfer to and from the skin, radiating heat from warmer areas to cooler ones, and vice versa. Shear Comfort overlays can aid the body’s cooling process by improving air circulation around the skin as air moves freely through the wool fibres.

Foam mattresses can provide high-quality pressure relief, but because the foam moulds itself to the surface of the skin, users can find that these mattresses cause overheating and sweating at night. One reason for this is poor airflow between the skin and the mattress. Not only does sheepskin increase airflow but it also absorbs moisture and draws it away from the skin. 

Natural Skin Microclimate Control

What your Shear Comfort overlay does is to provide the ideal microclimate for a good sleep, looking after temperature and perspiration regulation, with the excellent air redistribution properties of a wool product.


Improved Sleep Quality

As far back as 1984, Dickson showed that a wool underlay decreased restlessness and improved sleep quality. Individuals with fibromyalgia, suffering from diffuse chronic pain and tender muscles, showed significant pain reduction and improved sleep quality when using wool overlays,


Silent Pressure Care

In a residential or medical care facility, Shear Comfort overlays are a lower cost pressure care solution, and remove the discomfort and noise experienced with plastic based options, such as plastic air filled overlays or alternating pressure mattresses.

Benefits of Wool:

Regulates temperature

Wicks moisture

Reduces shear and friction

Redistributes pressure

Click here to read a full article about the Benefits of Wool including: Properties of Wool, What is Shear Comfort?, Australian Medical Sheepskin, and Our Commitment to Wool Quality.


Single 92cm x 187cm

Queen 150cm x 200cm



Care Instructions:

Shear Comfort is as easy to care for as your regular clothes. All Shear Comfort sheepskins have the ability to be washed at 80° C, effectively killing bacteria without shrinkage. The sheepskins are warrantied against being washed 50 times at this temperature without any detrimental effects to the item.

Drying instructions: Shear Comfort products may be tumble-dried warm, without exceeding 60° C. To air-dry Shear Comfort overlays, hang fleece-side down and away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Do not iron or bleach

For further care instructions, click here

Product Code:

HIA 002190 (single)

HIA 002237 (queen)

  • Available in Queen or Single