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Embrace Anti-Thrust Cushion (Bariatric)

The Embrace Anti-Thrust by The Comfort Company provides anterior pelvic build-up to prevent forward migration. Designed to provide skin protection and positioning for bariatric users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. The dual layer foam targets skin protection support and comfort.

Bariatric 22x16 to 22x20

All sizes are customisable


How we measure our cushions


Embrace Anti-Thrust Bariatric Cushion - Features and Benefits


• Deep lateral and medial leg contours promote postural alignment

• Tapered leg adductors increase in width near the back of the cushion to give support to the greater trochanters

• Features two layers of foam - a contoured moulded base foam with a layer of memory foam for comfort and skin protection

• Designed for use with the Mouldable Insert (optional)

Inner cover:

• Incontinent proof inner cover

• Provides extra protection from fluids and moisture


Outer cover:

Stretch-Air fabric designed for air transmission and heat dissipation

Breathable laminate combines a high stretch polyester top layer with a waterproof, breathable vapour barrier

Comes with a front zipped pocket


Weight limit:

133-177kgs / 300-400lbs

Height (front / abductor):

114mm / 4.5"

Height (rear):

63.5mm / 2.5"

Height (leg trough):

76.2mm / 3"

Product code:

EM SAM #### (width x depth)

Eg, Embrace Anti-Thrust Bariatric 22x20 = EM SAM 2220

Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download

  • Bariatric available in 22x16, 22x18, 22x20