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Matrx Libra Cushion

The Matrx Libra Cushion by Motion Concepts offers a complete solution designed with the highest level of skin protection, positioning and adjustability for unique user needs. Specially contoured to provide balance and stability to the pelvis, optimising body function. Ideal for those at high risk of skin break down.

Paediatric 14x12 to 14x14

Standard 14x16 to 20x20

22-24" purchase only


How we measure our cushions

Matrx Libra Cushion - Features and Benefits

Skin Protection & Risk Level: High


Outer Cover:

Moisture resistant, high stretch, breathable Startex TM material

Velcro strips, lifting strap, zipped side pocket with easy pull tab

Inner Liner:

Highly flexible Platilon liner providing extra layer of moisture protection

Fluid Sac:

Patented dual layer, sealed compartments for maximum protection around bony prominences

Non-temperature sensitive, no kneading or maintenance required

Foam Base:

High resilient foam with anti-microbial and odour protection

Ab/adductor contour promotes midline leg position

Pre-ischial contour prevents sliding to reduce shear

Trochanteric shelf provide lateral stability and a level pelvis

Extended rear cushion radius helps prevent posterior pelvic tilt

Waterfall front edge accommodates tight hamstrings

Libra Fit Kit Accessories:

Designed to enhance immersion, correct or accommodate orthopedic issues

• Lateral Wedges - create extra depth of contour

• Tapered Wedges - enhance adductor support on one side of cushion or use to assist with pelvic obliquity

• Anterior Seat Wedges - enhances pre-ischial contour to prevent sliding

• Abductor - to promote midline leg position

Fluid Supplement - targeted application with strap attachment

Available as a complete kit or individual pieces. The full kit is sent for trial


Please note that only the depth of the cushion can be customised up to 2". The Libra Cushion is available in additional sizing of 1" increments, as well as 22" and 24" but are available for purchase only.

Weight limit:

136kgs / 300lbs

Height (adductor):

90mm / 3.5"

Height (abductor):

90mm / 3.5"

Height (leg trough):

70mm / 2.75"

Product code:

LC#### (width x depth)

Eg, LC 16x18 = LC1618

Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download

  • Paediatric available in 14x12, 14x14
  • Standard available in 14x16, 16x16, 16x18, 16x20, 18x16, 18x18, 18x20, 20x16, 20x18, 20x20. Please enquire for bariatric sizes.