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Zero Pressure Cushion

The Zero Pressure Cushion by Physipro is shaped to reduce pressure on bony prominences (ischium and coccyx) and to distribute weight over the entire cushion surface. Scientifically designed using pressure sensors. 2½” thick and made from injection moulded foam and soft memory foam. Includes an abduction insert.


Paediatric 14x14

Standard 14x16 to 20x20

All sizes are customisable


How we measure our cushions

Physipro Zero Pressure Cushion - Features and Benefits


Zero-pressure cushion shape, scientifically designed using pressure sensors

The ischial ridge provides effective support to prevent the pelvis from sliding forward (posterior tilt), and provides lateral support for better postural balance.

Skin Protection & Risk Level: Moderate

Outer Cover:

• Moisture-proof and machine washable

Inner Cover:

• Moisture-proof and machine washable

• Tough waterproof zipper

Weight limit:

Paediatric 85kg / 187lb

Adult 133kg / 293lb


63mm / 2½"


Product Weight:

3.23lb / 1.46kg (16x16)


Product Code:

PPZP#### (width x depth)

Eg, Zero Pressure Cushion 16x18 = PPZP1618

Physipro products are exclusive to C1 South in New Zealand


Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download

  • Paediatric available in 14x14, 14x16
  • Standard available in 16x16, 16x18, 16x20, 18x16, 18x18, 18x20, 20x16, 20x18, 20x20