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EXGEL Kids Adjustable

The EXGEL Kids Adjustable Owl Cushion was developed to provide options for individualising support whilst being low profile, allowing optimal floor to seat height.

Pediatric 10 x 11 to 13 x 13

More sizes coming soon.



How we measure our cushions

EXGEL Deep Contour Slim - Features and Benefits

Skin Protection & Risk Level: Medium / High


The EXGEL Kids Adjustable Owl Cushion has a removable EXGEL layer so that you can use it on other seating surfaces. Its pre-contoured base provides pelvic stability and optimal leg positioning, whilst the EVA foam abductor/pommel can be cut or glued to change height. It has wedge shaped pads which enhance the pre-ischial contour and can be easily attached/detached with Velcro to the base. The cushion has a wipeable surface for easy cleaning. The secret of EXGEL is its softness which allows it to have flexibility to distribute pressure, elasticity to absorb shock and fluidity that goes hand-in-hand with movement.

Height (adductor): 3.25" (with additional wedges)

Height (abductor): 4.5" (Adjustable through cutting as needed)

Height (leg trough): 2.5" (With additional wedges)

Detachable Gel Sheet: 0.5"

Weight Limit: 65kg

Product code:

OWK02-BK1- #### -G (width x depth)

Eg, OWK02-BK1-2628-G = OWL Kids 10 x 11

      OWK02-BK1-2830-G = OWL Kids 11 x 12

Full dimensions and sizing information available under Download