10.0 Miscellaneous


10.1 Do you have a catalogue? We always aim to improve and update our information regularly so instead of a catalogue, we have individual pamphlets on all our products. If you would to receive copies of some or all of our pamphlets, please contact us. Our pamphlets are also available under the Download tab of each product listing.

10.2 Do you have a Privacy Policy? Yes. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information. Please click here to view the policy.

10.3 What are your terms of trial? Please click here for our full Terms of Trial.

10.4 Who do the terms of trial apply to? The Terms of Trial are written in accordance with funding guidelines. They are published on our website for occupational therapists who request trial equipment for their clients. On occasion, some equipment may be trialled directly to private customers at our discretion.

10.5 Can I copy and/or reproduce any of the images of information displayed on this website for non-personal use? Not without our consent, unless you are an official retailer of our products. We have pdfs available that can be downloaded for personal use.


10.6 How do you measure your wheelchair cushions and back supports? These products are measured width x depth (inches). Full measurements are available under each product listing


10.7 What if I cant find an answer to my question? Please contact us for assistance.



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