Cerebral Palsy Society: getThis&That Programme


The Cerebral Palsy Society has a number of programmes including getThis&That which is a voucher system that allows members with Cerebral Palsy to purchase small items that are needed to manage the effects of their Cerebral Palsy. C1 South is on the supplier list that accepts these vouchers.



How To Order

1. Call 0800 212 333 or email info@c1south.co.nz with the following information:


•  Contact details (name, delivery address, phone number, email address)
•  Cerebral Palsy Society membership number
•  getThis&That voucher expiry date
•  Your order (please specify size, colour, style etc)


2. We will email (or post if preferred) an invoice including freight costs using the above information. Please note that you will need to pay the difference with a bank deposit if your total exceeds the value of the voucher.


3. Pay any additional balance using the bank account details on the invoice (if applicable) and post your vouchers with your invoice number to:


C1 South Ltd

1/7 Newton Place


Hamilton 3204


4. Your order will be despatched once we receive the vouchers and bank deposit (if applicable).