Terms of Trial


Key Points


The following Terms of Trial are for occupational therapists and are based on funding guidelines; therefore, these terms do not apply to non-fundable products available for purchase on our website. To learn more about the funding agencies, click here. Please remember that all trial equipment is the property of C1 South Ltd until it has been fully funded. Trials are for 5 days from the date of delivery; however, if you require an extension, please contact us immediately.


If the trial has been successful, please contact us and we will provide you with a quote. The equipment can then be retained by the client as their permanent issued items but note that this is subject to change without notice due to MOH/ACC funding availability. If the trial has been unsuccessful, please let us know and return the equipment with all of its original packaging and accessories including manuals, tags, hardware etc as soon as possible.


The full Terms of Trial (below) are printed on the back of all Trial Dockets (packing slips) and a Trial Information Form is included inside all parcels. Please ensure this form and/or a copy of the original Trial docket is returned with unsuccessful equipment so we can process returns as quickly and accurately as posssible.



Full Terms of Trial


1. By accepting goods on trial from C1 South Ltd you are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Trial


2. As per accessable and Enable New Zealand funding guidelines,  items should be requested if the store has been checked for a reissue item or if the application for the equipment has been approved (proof of this will be needed to be provided to the supplier).  If you request a trial directly from the supplier without funding pre approval it is the therapists’ and their employers responsibility to ensure the any issues arising from trials are dealt with accordingly


3. The supplier will advise the assessor of the delivery date of the equipment so they can plan their workload.   If a supplier is unable to despatch an item within 3 business days of the trial request, the supplier will  advise the assessor of the delay within 24 hours of receiving the trial request


4. All trial items are available for a time frame of 5 working days from time of delivery, during which they are the full responsibility of the assessor to whom they are issued.  If, for any reason, the trial needs to be   extended, the assessor should notify the supplier as soon as this is realised.  Approval may or may not    be granted by the supplier for this trial to be extended. This will be at the supplier’s discretion subject to availability and waiting list


5. Suppliers have the option to offer a controlled trial with a company representative present for a shorter timeframe when the equipment is of a high value, has a complex application or is in high demand


6. Trials are all deemed to be “dry” trials i.e. bathroom products are not to be used during the trial.  In the   trial of seating products the trial with clients who have obvious incontinent issues need to be managed by the therapist to ensure that goods are not contaminated with bodily fluids


7. Freight to the assessor (or destination requested by the assessor) will be paid for by the supplier


8. The items supplied for trial are to be returned to the supplier in a similar state to that in which it was delivered, complete with all parts, manuals, tags and packaging (if applicable). Items not returned from trial may be invoiced to the assessor or their employer


9. It is the responsibility of the assessor to package the trial item back up, in the original packaging and organise return freight, at their cost (or at the cost of their employer)


10. If  the trial is successful for this item (to ensure that all aspects of the application, funding and payment are completed in a timely manner) the assessor should fax the paperwork to the funding authority within 3 working days


Please note that C1 South will not be liable:

• Where the goods have been altered, modified or been used for any non-recommended use, service or handling

For loss or damage caused by any factors beyond our control

For any indirect or consequential loss of any kind