4.0 Placing an Order


4.1 How do I checkout? Once you have added all the items you want to your cart, simply click Check Out (under Cart on the left hand side or at the top right). This will then take you to your Shopping Cart Summary. You can either log in to your account (if you havent done so already) or checkout as a guest.


4.2 What are voucher codes? Voucher codes are special codes that when entered at checkout will provide a dollar or percentage discount, free shipping or store credit. Discount voucher codes may be published on our website, Facebook page, or sent to our customers directly. Credit voucher codes are issued on a case by case basis ie, in place of a refund (store credit).


4.3 Why won’t my voucher code work? When you have entered your voucher code, select Add. If the voucher code has been incorrectly entered or has expired, an error message will appear at the top of the page. Please note that voucher codes have an expiry date so make sure you place an order before this date.


4.4 How will I know if you received my order? You will receive a confirmation email saying we have received your order. Account holders will also be able to view their order when logged into their account.


4.5 Can I change or cancel my order? This will depend on whether our team has processed your order. Once we have received your payment, orders will be sent the same working day. Courier collection times are 10:30am and 2:30pm. Please contact us immediately to change or cancel your order.


4.6 Why can’t I see the prices of some products? Some of our products, particularly wheelchair cushions, back supports and seating accessories are generally products that are funded and would not be purchased by the end user or online. These products state POA (price on application) instead of a price. If you would like a quote for any of these products, you can Request a Quote or contact us for further information


4.7 Why can’t I add some products to my cart? For the same reason above or a product may not be in stock, which in that case would state ‘Out of Stock’


4.8 Can I order products that are out of stock? Sometimes, but not through the website. The majority of our products are permanent product lines that are likely to be re-ordered unlike other stores who may change their product ranges each season. This means that while our website may say Out of Stock, we are likely to be waiting on an order. In this case, you can contact us for an ETA.



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