8.0 Warranties and Guarantees


8.1 Do your products have a guarantee? All of our wheelchair cushions and back supports have a manufacturer’s guarantee. For our smaller product ranges, we will assess any issues on a case by case basis and meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Please contact us for further information.


8.2 What does the manufacturer’s guarantee cover? The manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty covers damage due to workmanship, material defects or errors caused by the manufacturer. The guarantee does not include change of mind, misue, general wear and tear or damage that has resulted from not following the proper care instructions.


• Motion Concepts - 24 month limited warranty

• The Comfort Company - Lifetime warranty (refers to the expected life span of equipment which will vary)

• Supracor - 2 year warranty for cushions, 5 year warranty for mattresses and 90 day warranty for covers

• Star Cushion Products - 24 month limited warranty

• Trekinetic - 12 month guarantee

• JOB - 2 year warranty

• Simple Stuff Works - 1 year warranty

• Quadtools - Unconditional guarantee

• Trabasack - 1 year guarantee


8.3 What happens if something goes wrong with a product that’s not covered by a guarantee? Regardless of what you purchase, we will always meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.



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