New Products 2016/2017

February 16, 2017 at 12:57 PM

Read about our latest products showcased at the Show Your Ability Disability Equipment Expo 2017. You can view more information on each product by clicking on the links or click here to download our 2017 Newsletter - a pdf version of this blog.





Shear Comfort by Healthcare Innovations Australia is a range of advanced medical grade lamb’s wool products for skin care, comfort and protection. Made from XD1900, an innovative and advanced woven wool with an extra high density of 1900gsm and a 30mm pile. Can be washed at hot temperatures up to 80°C to effectively kill bacteria without causing shrinkage, unlike other wool products.



Benefits of Wool:


• Regulates temperature

• Wicks moisture

• Reduces shear & friction

• Redistributes pressure

The Shear Comfort Cushion-It is a sheepskin overlay that can be placed over existing pressure-care cushions to improve the feel and effectiveness of the cushion or attached securely to a chair seat or back for enhanced comfort. Features adjustable Velcro straps. Click here for more information.

The Shear Comfort Mattress Overlay is a sheepskin overlay designed to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by high pressure between the skin and the mattress. It provides microclimate control, improved sleep quality and pressure care to relieve the skin and joints for a more comfortable sleep. Available in single or queen bed size.  Click here for more information.

Targeted skin protectors and day chair overlay are also available - view the full range here.




IsaacStandingS-compressor.jpegTopo Mat by Ergodriven is the only anti-fatigue mat designed with standing desk users in mind. Unlock the true benefits of standing desks with Topo.


While there are many benefits of standing over sitting, it is only healthier if it is done right and that requires increased movement. Topo has been meticulously designed with ‘terrain’ features to encourage healthy movement by subconsciously moving your feet to explore, articulate, and stretch as you stand.


The peaks and valleys activate blood flow and engage more muscles than simple standing mats are able to. Made from a durable and comfortable polyurethane foam. Click here for more information.






Smart gadgets for everyday living. Available to purchase on our website. From left to right:


• Nimble: The world’s first one-finger cutter for opening packaging

Ungrip: Never drop your mobile phone again

Sixth Digit: Press physical buttons and touchscreens with ease 

Zip Grips: Opening and closing zips has never been easier




Zero Pressure Cushion


Zero-pressure cushion shape, scientifically designed using pressure sensors. The Zero Pressure is shaped to reduce pressure on bony prominences (ischium and coccyx) and to distribute weight over the entire cushion surface. The ischial ridge provides effective support to prevent the pelvis from sliding forward (backward tilt), and provides lateral support for better postural balance. 2½” thick. Made from injection moulded foam and soft memory foam. 14x14 to 20x20. Click here for more information.


Brio Cushion


Lightweight, soft, and slightly contoured. The Brio is an economical cushion intended for individuals who require moderate positioning and pressure relief. The cushion is designed for stability, to help reduce sliding and shearing. 2½” thick, lateral wedge ¾” each side. Made from urethane foam sheeting and memory foam. Lightweight, less than 1kg. 10x10 to 20x20. Click here for more information.




nxt_discontinued.jpgWe will be discontinuing our Nxt Seating Series by Dynamic Healthcare Solutions at some point in 2017. Our remaining stock will be available for trial/purchase at very competitive prices. While stocks last - please contact us for availability. The products include:


Cushions: KulFit, BioFit

Fixed Height Back Supports: Optima Plus Contour, Active Contour, Support Contour, Plus Contour

Height Adjustable Back Supports: Kids Contour, HA Active Contour, HA Support Contour, HA Plus Contour

MAPS/Armadillo Back


Please note we will continue to sell our popular range of Matrx cushion and back supports by Motion Concepts in paediatric, standard and bariatric sizing.